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About Us


About us

Asaan Taleem is based in Pakistan and is owned by professionals with background in teaching, technology, management, and finance. Our objective is to provide best education in the easiest way possible. giving academic help to (mainly) school and college students who invest in themselves for the future success of their careers.

Asaan Taleem Tutor was originally established to teach to high school and college students online. Since beginning operations, we have received tremendous support from many customers and have received frequent requests to expand our subject areas. In order to respond such requests, we have recruited talented individuals from all over the country (and some from outside the country) to guarantee high quality teaching and counceling. We are willing to help those who invest in their futures. The aspirations of such students have made us expand our operations without sacrificing the quality of content and have allowed us to help many students in meeting their examination and homework needs.

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